Event Schedule

Day Session09:00Doors Open
First Round Times11:00Rising Star Standard
11:30WDSF Youth Latin
13:00Rising Star Latin
13:30WDSF Youth Standard
15:30WDSF World Open Standard
17:10WDSF World Open Latin
All Star Couples must to pick up their numbers before the First Round times.
Evening Session18:45Doors Open
19.00Dinner & General Dancing
20.30WDSF World Open Standard – 1/4 Final
(Top 24 Couples)
21.00WDSF World Open Latin – 1/4 Final
(Top 24 Couples)
21.30WDSF World Open Standard - Semi–Final
(Top 12 Couples)
21.50WDSF World Open Latin – Semi-Final
(Top 12 Couples)
22.10WDSF World Open Standard – Final
(Top 6 Couples)
22.30WDSF World Open Latin - Final
(Top 6 Couples)
22.50Presentation of Prizes